Customer Surveys

Customer satisfaction matters because it drives a company’s bottom line profits.

Satisfied customers are loyal, spend more and recommend you to their friends and family. Businesses that consistently deliver outstanding service have been shown over time to consistently outperform their competitors.


Our average response rate – June 2014 – May 2015

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Most companies say they believe in providing great customer service, but few set up a system to ensure they provide it. Delivering great customer service, consistently, takes both understanding what customers want and a way to check they receive it.
We help companies measure customer satisfaction and shift their focus to be more outward looking.

Survey Methods

We will tailor how we administer the survey to your needs. This could be a mix of the following methods:

  • Integrating our customer survey software with your CRM system, so customers are automatically emailed a feedback survey after using your service or buying your product
  • Online customer satisfaction surveys
  • Paper surveys
  • Telephone surveys