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Whether it’s a suggestion about a book to read, tips for improving engagement, or even sharing facts and statistics that help you convey the benefits of employee engagement, our blog is designed to stimulate conversation in addition to conveying it.

Engagement – It’s everyone’s responsibility

Engagement – It's everyone’s responsibility By Robert Walker, Smith & Henderson, Engagement Consultant Employee Engagement can mean many things to the diverse groups represented within an organisation. Engagement is not just about employee satisfaction, although this...

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Engagement – it’s more than just a survey

All organisations want to know the secret formula, or Holy Grail, for successful employee engagement, so in this article, we’ll explore some of expectations and interests by the segments/hierarchies as they prepare to go through the employee survey experience.

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Working Hours: Is this the end of the 8 hour working day as we know it?

As employers compete in difficult times, employees are still working long hours; and those who work more than 55 hours per week could be putting their health at risk, according to the CIPD. Recently, the working week has come into greater focus as Sweden moves towards a standard 6 hour day, with Swedish employers already starting to implement these changes.

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How to get to the moon

There is a legend that, when asked what he was doing, an engaged janitorial employee at NASA replied “I’m helping to put a man on the Moon”. This is a simple illustration of employee engagement. But, according to Saba’s recent survey on the subject, it’s probably more than 28% of business leaders could give you as a useful reference on the subject.

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